Woman Set Fire to House Because She Wasn’t Invited to Party

<img src="shameka-howse.jpg” alt=“shameka howse” title=“shameka howse”>

A Nashville woman was heated over not being invited to a party.

Nashville police say that Shameka Howse set fire to a home after becoming angry that she wasn’t invited to a party there. She pulled up to the home with a man and proceeded to yell at the people there about not being invited.

When the partygoers refused to let her in, she threatened to set the house on fire. Then, she retrieved lighter fluid from her vehicle and proceeded to do just that. She poured it over the window of the home and set it ablaze.

Howse fled the scene as people frantically tried to put out the fire. She was arrested later and charged with vandalism, aggravated arson, and reckless endangerment/assault with a deadly weapon.