Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After ‘Spiritual Healer’ Walked on Her Stomach

Is he licensed in that?

A pregnant woman in New York went to a so-called “spiritual healer” for a Santeria ritual but ended up losing her baby.

Reports indicate that Cristian Robles, 32, walked on the back and stomach of the 26-year-old woman for 10 minutes while her husband watched. They claimed they told him she was 6 weeks pregnant beforehand.

The trauma resulted in a miscarriage. He also allegedly molested her as well.

Others have accused Robles of molestation during healing sessions, including men and women.

The complaints allege he gave them “potion” that incapacitated them, after which he raped and/or molested them. He also told them that they should have sex with him because his body was a heavenly vessel.

Robles was arrested on charges of criminal sex act, sexual abuse, weapons possession and abortion.