Woman Kills Boyfriend Trying to Retrieve Guns She Stole From Him

A 19-year-old woman was charged with murder after allegedly shooting her boyfriend as he attempted to retrieve guns she had stolen from him.

The woman, Yvonne Ramirez, claimed that she acted in self defense when she shot her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve.

Officers did not believe her story and charged her with murder.

A witness claimed to have seen Joshua McKinney choke and attack Ramirez on a public street, then heard gunshots when running for help. McKinney also allegedly held a gun to Ramirez’s head at the 100 block of Mizell Street in Harris County.

The witness claimed that Ramirez demanded $2,000 in order to return the guns she had that belonged to the victim.

Ramirez had a shoulder wound when police arrived and found McKinney dead from a gunshot wound. Police allege that she shot him with a gun he had tucked in his waist.

Prosecutors claim that Ramirez stole McKinney’s wallet as he lay dead or dying on the street. Ramirez is being held on $50,000 bail.

McKinney was an aspiring Marine.

“Everything falling in place, i start my job monday, getting my car soon & then my apt,” Ramirez recently wrote on Facebook. “Couldn’t be more blessed Thank you God.”