Woman Hides Drugs and Valentine’s Day Card in Her Poop in Police Car

She didn’t think they’d look there.

A Corsicana, Texas woman was arrested for shoplifting. But the story doesn’t stop there.

Shannen Shunta, 32, was apprehended outside outside a grocery store and put up a fight, but officers were able to place her under arrest and put her in the police cruiser.

She then decided she’d need to do something with the drugs she had on her. Her idea? Poop in the police car and hide the stuff in there.

“During transport, the suspect intentionally defecated in her pants and then concealed 2.3 grams of crack cocaine, a crack pipe and 1 Valentine’s Day card in the defecation,” according to the police report.

Seems like it would require a lot of poop to cover a Valentine’s Day card…Just sayin.

The department issued a warning to potential drug users, saying “This is scientific proof that drugs will fry your brain folks.” And there you have it.