Woman Dubbed “Golfcart Gail” Calls Police on Dad Cheering on His Son at Youth Soccer Game

Sadly, we have to report yet again that a white woman has called the police on an innocent black person just living his life.

A dad was watching his son play soccer, cheering him on like any good dad does. He yelled out to his son that the ref was right when he saw his son becoming frustrated with a call.

Shortly after, “Golfcart Gail” rode up and threatened the man, saying she felt threatened by him and proceeded to call police. She did this despite he man remaining calm and offering to leave with his wife to diffuse the situation.

Another woman at the match took video of the incident and posted about it on Facebook, causing it to go viral.

Soccering while black can now be added to the list of things that privileged, racist white people feel they can call police about.

Seriously, people. Cut it out. This is just pathetic.