Woman Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Eating Raw Clams

Be careful what you eat.

A Texas woman died after eating raw clams, alleged to have been the cause of her flesh-eating bacteria.

Jeanette LeBlanc and her wife Vicki Bergquist were visiting Louisiana when they decided to dine on raw oysters from a local market.

Shortly after consuming the clams, she developed a rash and had trouble breathing.

Health workers believed she had an allergic reaction to the clams, but it was later reveled that she had contracted a flesh-eating bacteria, likely from the clams.

“It’s a flesh-eating bacteria. She had severe wounds on her legs from that bacteria,” Bergquist said.

The CDC warns against eating raw shellfish, which comes with a risk of contracting potentially life-threatening bacteria.

She fought the illness for three weeks before passing away in October, 2017.

“If we had known that the risk was so high, I think she would’ve stopped eating oysters,” Bergquist said.