Woman Dies After Getting Head Stuck in Window Bars While Poking it Out For a Smoke

They say smoking will kill you.

A woman in Cheltenham, England died after getting her head stuck between decorative bars in her apartment window. Her daughter noted that she did not like to smoke inside the house to keep it clean, and she apparently stuck her head out through her top-floor apartment window to grab a quick smoke. She had also been drinking, and this is believed to have contributed to her inability to free herself once she became stuck. She then choked to death between the arc of the bars.

Joggers passing by noticed her head sticking out of the window and alerted police, who knocked down the door. They found her trapped inside. “I tried to lift her off the railings but she was too heavy and her neck was stuck in the groove in the railings,” one of the witnesses said.

The strangest part of all is that her daughter said that an Indian fortuneteller had told her aunt just weeks prior that something would happen to her mother if she didn’t stay away from bars. She never passed on the message, however.