Woman Allegedly Sells Virginity to Hollywood Actor for $1.4 Million

Capitalism at its best, folks.

A woman has allegedly sold her virginity online to a bidder who is paying her $1.4 million. The alleged auction winner is a Hollywood actor, says the woman.

26-year-old Jasmin put her virginity up for auction on Cinderella Escorts. She opened the auction in the hopes of raising enough money to start her own business.

The highest bidder is an unnamed actor whom Jasmin has allegedly already met with. The official tryst is set to take place in April.

She claimed to have attended a dinner with all three bidders, saying ‘My parents supported me from beginning. They know everything and agree.’I am 26 and they know that I am adult enough for deciding alone what I do with my body. As I met the actor already and I was always a big fan of [his], I am more nervous as a fan than about losing my virginity.’ She continue, ‘But who knows. Maybe I will get more nervous when we meet in the hotel.’

The site featured a statement from her, which read ‘I would never have dreamed to get that high price for my auction (sic.) ‘But as more I am amazed who [bought] my auction. It is so amazing!’