White Woman Calls Police On Black Man Because His Dog Humped Hers at Dog Park

She must be jealous of the attention her dog was getting.

A woman is the latest shameful white person to call police on a black person doing normal, every day things after she phoned police to tell them that his dog was “aggressively” humping hers at a dog park in Massachusetts.

The man began videotaping the altercation, and he can be heard asking her why she feels it is necessary to call the police when he quickly pulled the dog off. Also, he notes that this is pretty normal shenanigans for dogs in a dog park, which we can certainly vouch for.

“Why’re you calling the cops right now? Because I told you I wasn’t leaving the park? Because my dog humped your dog?” Franklin Baxley, 42, the man asked as he filmed.

She’s since been dubbed “Dog Park Diane” by the lovely users on Twitter. Honestly, this woman should be ashamed of herself in every way possible. Why didn’t she leave? Has she never been to a dog park? The dogs were clearly enjoying themselves in the background and playing nice as her owner refused to do so, sticking her ear to the phone to call police.

Would this have happened if he was a white guy? Probably…most likely…not.

Enjoy the best responses to the video below: