Want to Eat at a Prison for Dinner Tonight? Head to London.

Who needs a five-star chef when there’s prison food?

A new trend has emerged, in which a restaurant chain named “The Clink” has risen to the top of the restaurant rankings. The restaurants feature security screenings, cell phone confiscation, and bars on the windows. But it’s more than just a theme restaurant.

The Clink restaurants operate directly within some of the most notorious prisons, with prisoners cooking and serving the food to customers.

Diners eat with plastic utensils and must bypass razor wire to enter.

Despite the security measures, many diners are flocking to the restaurants, where TripAdvisor ranks it higher than many well-established restaurants run by top chefs.

With four locations in England prisons, the restaurant’s ratings are beating even those of famed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.

According to TripAdvisor, the restaurant at HMP Brixton prison ranks as the third best in London.

Diners can chow down on all sorts of fancy eats, including lamb pot pie, poached quails eggs, and grilled fillet of turbot with crushed purple potato.

The prisoners are trained to 5-star standards with the hopes that they will be able to find jobs in the industry upon their release. Those with 6 to 18 months remaining are able to apply for a position at the restaurant.

So far, the strategy seems to be working quite well, reducing recidivism by nearly half for those who train in the restaurant. Who would have thought that giving valuable job training to prisoners might assist them on the outside?