Vine is Given New Life With Launch of Byte

Vine lovers, rejoice! For those who felt like they really missed those good old 6-second loops, you are in for a treat – Byte has launched, and it’s the reboot of Vine, the app that let you upload short video of whatever madness your heart desired.

Vine originally launched in 2013, and it soon became an extremely popular social media platform. However, it lacked a way to capitalize on its users, causing some of its creators to jump ship and head to other platforms like SnapChat.

Twitter, which owned the platform, decided to close its virtual doors in 2017, much to the dismay of its many users, even those who hadn’t used the platform in ages.

Enter Tik Tok. Once Vine shut down, people were searching for a replacement for the empty hole left by Vine, so people immediately hopped on Tik Tok, sending it to the height of popularity.

And here we are. It’s back, repackaged as Byte, but giving the same fun atmosphere users loved on the original app.

Available on iOS and Android, the app is pretty consistent with its predecessor, though there are some changes.

Bringing back an app is not necessarily an easy task. Once users have moved on, it’s pretty tricky to get them to reinvest in a platform. So is it too late for the new and improved “Vine” aka “Byte” to win back the hearts of users, or will is fizzle out like MySpace’s attempt at a comeback?