Teen Girls Hide in School Bathroom Planning to Cut Up Classmates

Two teens girls planned to chop up their classmates and then drink their blood.

Too many crappy scary movies, perhaps?

Two middle school girls age 11 and 12 in central Florida were waiting in a bathroom for smaller students they could kill and then drink their blood. Authorities say that the Bartow Middle School students were arrested on Tuesday. They were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of a weapon on school property, carrying a concealed weapon, and disruption of a school function.

They told authorities they are Satan worshippers and wanted to eat their victims, as well as drink their blood. They also said they planned to commit suicide after the deed was done.

The apparently spent the weekend together watching horror films and planning their attack on other students. They hid in the bathroom with knives, waiting for students they could overpower.

Their plot was foiled after one parent received a call that the child was not in class, as they skipped class after attending their first classes. A school official tracked them down in the bathroom. Their plan included stabbing them in a way to make them bleed as quickly as possible and then stacking them up in the stall as they waited for more victims. They hoped to kill more than a dozen students. Police found corroborating evidence in their homes as well, including a map and notes.