The Scariest Tinder Dating Stories Revealed

Online dating on apps like Tinder can be a scary place for a lot of reasons, from being nervous about meeting a stranger in person to not knowing who you’re really talking to and if they are being honest.

A New Jersey man is currently on trial for 11 counts of murder, and he met many of his victims on dating apps. One victim even texted him before meeting up and ultimately being killed, ‘You’re not a serial killer, right?’

By this point, we can pretty much confirm that there are certainly risks involved, but that doesn’t mean you should do it (though these stories may make you delete Tinder and run for the hills). So, if you’re deciding to take the plunge into online dating, make sure to follow basic safety tips like telling friends where you’re going and who you’re with or only meeting in public places with lots of people. In the meantime, check out these ghastly tales that seem straight out of a horror film.

Where is Everyone?

How’s the food?

Baconbaconbaconbits said: tinder date with a “famous” chef where I was taken to a dive bar, where he promptly starting talking about how famous he was. We drank and watched sports, he proceeded to tell me “You’re cute” and this eventually went to “I am going to make you bleed.” He then invited one of his friends to come along. I went outside and he came up to kiss me. I was drunk, so I kissed back. Eventually he proceeded to tell me how he was “being charged with battering his ex-girlfriend, but he totally didn’t do it.”

Eventually when it came time to pay the bill, “he lost his wallet.” Of course, I get stuck with it. “I’ll pay you back.”. (Needless to say I never got a payment).

Then he leaned up against me. I thought he was trying to kiss me again, but I looked down, and he was peeing on me. In the street. Peeing. On. Me.

I swiftly, being too inebriated to drive, went and got myself a hotel room and a hot shower.

Never again.

Did you Lock the Door?

Is this Beef?

What’s That Smell?

AlexStunning said:

I met a guy on Tinder, and we really started to hit it off. We’d been chatting for a few weeks, and even discovered we had a few mutual friends. I was pretty intoxicated one night, was feeling “social”, and decided to call an Uber to his place. Once I got there, we talked outside for a while, and ended up vibing even better in person. I opened up to him about my health problems, and he opened up to me about his older sister who had passed away from a similar condition to mine. I was curious about his sister, but I definitely didn’t want to pry.

We walked into his house and it smelled like 1,000 dead rats were rotting under the floor board. I was still pretty drunk, so I tried to forgive it because “hey, sometimes animals die under a house, or in the walls, and there’s nothing you can really do about it.” I start to look around, and the whole house looks like a cluttered storage unit. He takes me to his room, which is seemingly normal (kind of feminine, but that’s cool ) and we hook up.

I ended up falling asleep there, and woke up around 10 AM to the stench of death. I opened my eyes, feeling VERY sober, and started to look around the room. I noticed that ONLY girl’s clothes were hung in his closet. (I start to assume I’ve possibly been cheated with.) Then I see a giant black binder on his nightstand. When he woke up, I decided to jokingly ask him “what’s in that giant binder?.” Turns out, it was EVERY SINGLE episode of Golden Girls printed out. He said he “read it at work”, and it’s the “only show he’ll ever watch.” Okay. I asked him what he did for work (something I definitely should’ve known by this point) and he dodged the question. I sat up and looked at the pillow I’d been cozily sleeping on. It had no pillowcase, and was covered it what looked to be old BLOOD. It looked like the blood had been coughed onto it.

I started putting the unpleasant pieces together. I asked as sensitively as I could, “Hey, was this your sisters room? I noticed the clothes in the closet.” He says, “yeah, and this is her bed. I haven’t changed or washed anything. It just makes me feel better to be in her bed. This is actually where I held her when she died…and you remind me so much of her. I really, really like you.” …and then casually tried to hook up with me, like he didn’t just drop unsettling af news. I felt immensely sorry for him, but needed to get out of there. I made some excuse, and left.

I decided to not entirely ghost him, because of how bad I felt for him. He was clearly dealing with some really dark shit. We kept in contact for a few weeks…until I went on my “find my friends” app, and noticed that he had clearly taken my phone while I was asleep that night, and shared my location with himself. I called him and went OFF. This was not my first rodeo with a stalker type, and I was NOT dealing with it. He told me he “couldn’t believe I thought he would do that“ and “I’m being a really terrible person ‘dumping’ him because his cat had recently died“ I blocked him.

After he said that about his cat…combined with his tendency to hold onto things…It really makes me wonder what that “smell” actually was. Let’s hope not, and though I hope he gets help… Let’s not meet again.

Edit: I found out from a mutual friend that his sister had passed away around 10 years prior to this.

Edit 2: I forgot to mention this, but he was strangely turned on while I was using a nebulizer with my inhaler. He said his “sister had one of those“… I am 100% sure this turned him on.

Edit 3: I’m pretty sure he uses Reddit, and I didn’t know this post was going to get this popular… so I’m kind of scared now. But oh well 😬

Edit 4: Golden Girls was on the whole time I was over. Don’t know why I forgot to mention this.

It’s you, not me.

Shutupuniverse said:

So I had just gotten out of a pretty significant relationship with someone of 4 years – nearly engaged and moving in together, etc – when things fell apart. I took a good amount of time to be on my own and get my shit together again, when my friends began encouraging me to “get back out there”. Needless to say, I really wasn’t wanting anything at that point, nor looking for anything. But they insisted that I at least just go out on a few casual dates, for practice? just to kind of get my skills back up for when I was ready. I think they were honestly just worried because I had become quite hermetic.

So I match with this girl, who’s home from college for the summer. She’s a little out of the way from me, but was eager to meet, seemed really interested, was even willing to come to my area, etc. I really wasn’t all that interested to be truthful, but my friends again encouraged this – you know, practice (whatever that means). A date doesn’t mean commitment. Whatever.

I want to be very clear though, that I was extremely honest and explicit with her that I was NOT looking for anything serious, or anything really at all. I was very forthcoming, that I had gotten out of something serious, and I was just kind of encouraged to explore. She persisted and still wanted to meet, so we agreed to a casual lunch in a sports bar that week. I get there, and she was already waiting for me. I was a bit put off by how much different she looked than her pictures. Not trying to sound shallow or anything, but her pics from tinder easily had to be at least 5 years old, which I verified based on tattoos she had in person, versus ones she didn’t in pics. So I was a bit thrown off by that. I wasn’t the least bit attracted to her, but I was there to just have new experiences anyway, right? No big deal. I felt so bad, because the entire time she seemed soooo incredibly shy and awkward. I even noticed her hand shaking when she reached for her glass, which I found endearing honestly. So I did my best to get her talking and try to help her feel more relaxed. I asked her questions, and chatted about things I figured you chat about on dates – where she grew up, music she’s into, school she goes to, major etc. All to which I literally received one word answers. It went on like this for about an hour, and she was just not working with me at all. But I tried to keep room in my heart, because it was clear she was feeling anxious and I understand that on a personal level. Then she pulls out this book and says “I got this for you” – and I responded very grateful, thanking her, and inquiring what it was about, cause hey, if someone wants to share a good read with me, I’m all for that! She looks at me funny and says in a very sudden, but odd tone, “you’re kidding, right?” I’m very confused, and just kind of look at her like… ???? And she says “this is your favorite book, you TOLD me this was your favorite book?” To which I said “….nooo? I have never even heard of this before?” so we concluded that she ultimately got me confused with someone else she must’ve been chatting, which I honestly found hilarious lol. She was embarrassed but I made light of it and said I found it funny, cause I get it, that’s tinder culture I guess.

So as we finished lunch, and I’m still receiving one word answers despite our funny moment, I kind of become a bit suggestive that we should conclude our date by saying I had to get back to feed my animals and do some laundry etc. But she became very adamant on spending more time, and asked if we could do something else. I was genuinely trying to be a decent person, so I agreed, and we found a nearby park to walk. That’s where shit gets weird.

We sat on a park bench, mind you it’s broad daylight. There’s kids playing basketball nearby, folks jogging passed. I start trying to make conversation yet again, but still get the one word answers. Then out of seemingly NOWHERE without any warning whatsoever, she proceeds to just kiss me really aggressively, tongue and everything. I was honestly just so shocked I stood there frozen, not knowing what the fuck to do. I had this timid, shy woman, who’s really not made much conversation with me at all, who was so nervous she was visibly shaking, just turn into a freaking bear mauling my face in like .6 seconds. My head was spinning with confusion and anxiety, and I swear it felt like it lasted forever and I just prayed for it to stop. I was so put off and honestly a bit afraid to do or say anything – like what do you even do in that situation? I was just hoping she’d pick up on my VERY obvious body language, that I wasn’t reciprocating anything at all. I was completely unprepared for a situation like this. Then some really nasty guy walks by, gawking and catcalling and literally begins propositioning us into a 3way, and I’m just like WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE. I was a thousand different types of uncomfortable. I end up managing to ward him off after telling him very politely “no” more than several times, all the while she’s just laughing? And I’m thinking “who even are you?” Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde over here, wtf. So he leaves and I’m insisting now that I need to leave and go home. She seems to ignore what I’m saying, and gets very close to my face again and says “did you like that? Do you think I’m sexy, do you want me?” When I tell you I was so fucking nervous. I was like “I really need to get home.” And she was like “can I come?” And I told her very firmly no. She literally tried to persuade me to let her come back to my place with me, and I had to say no more than three times. So finally I’m home and frankly just kind of shaken up. I hadn’t really done the dating thing in quite a long time, but that felt very abnormal.

She then texts me after she gets home and asks me out on a second date. And I was very kind, despite being made incredibly uncomfortable, and I told her I thought she was a very cool chick and I had a nice time (lie) but that I did not feel anything there, and reminded her I wasn’t looking for anything. She then text bombed me a bunch of crazy shit. Saying how she didn’t understand and was so confused, that she thought I was so into her and that things went great. I did not respond to any of these because now she’s continuing to cross my boundaries, I said what I needed to say, and I thought I was being decent by at least being honest. So the texts continued and I figure they’re going to eventually stop, because – it was a first date. How can someone be so upset over someone not reciprocating on a first date? They did not stop. By the texts, you would’ve thought we just ended a 2 year relationship. Then she began CALLING, at which point I had to block her number.

So nightmare tinder girl, please.. For the love of everything, let’s never… Ever… Meet… Again.