MusicDigi and the Music Revolution

The market for music download may be taking a hit, but MusicDigi’s payouts are still climbing.
The self-serve music distribution platform saw an impressive 71 percent growth in new customers in the Latin American market and 55 percent growth in the African market. MusicDigi distributes music to online retailers such as iTunes, and Google Play. Bands and labels can create an account on the site, and upload their music which are then distributed to online shops. Rather than charge a percentage of each sale, MusicDigi built its business around annual fees ranging from $14.95 per track to $39.99 per album. In exchange, artists keep all of the revenue they receive from online stores. YouTube continues to grow as a key driver for artists’ revenue.

About MusicDigi provides musicians and songwriters with a hassle-free to sell their music through iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and other major download and streaming sites for a low annual flat fee. The MusicDigi Artist Services portal offers a suite of tools and services that enable artists to promote their craft, connect with fans, and get their music heard worldwide. MusicDigi, has employees in Atlanta, New York, and Barcelona, Spain and operates independent brands with various focuses outside of the Digital Music Distribution service.