Mom Charged for Leaving 3 Kids in Car With Windows Down in Freezing Temps While She Shopped at Walmart

Does anything good ever happen at Walmart besides low low prices?

A Kentucky woman was arrested and charged with several counts of wanton endangerment, three counts of criminal abuse and a count of disorderly conduct after police found her 3 small children in her vehicle with the windows rolled down in freezing temperatures.

Other shoppers alerted police after becoming concerned that the children, ages 4, 20 months, and 6 months, were in the car alone in the freezing cold.

Police called an ambulance to ensure the children were safe given that they were unsure how long they had been exposed to the freezing cold. The car was also found unlocked.

The children’s mother, 28-year-old Broquel King of Louisville, eventually returned to the car claiming she had only left them for 5 minutes. However, police noted in their report that they themselves had waited at the car for at least 20 minutes before she returned.