Missionary Killed Trying to Convert Tribe to Christianity

An American man was killed while traveling on a mission trip to convert a remote tribe to Christianity.

John Allen Chau traveled to North Sentinel island in India. The island is home to a protected tribe that is remote and largely isolated with little outside contact.

Scott Moreau, a professor at Wheaton College Graduate School in Illinois, spoke with the New York Times about Chau’s methods.

“I’m appalled by the naïveté of thinking you go on a beach, you throw a fish at some people, you holler at them, and then you come back and spend the night and everything is going to be fine,” Mr. Moreau said. “It doesn’t show much sensitivity, and it doesn’t show much common sense.”

Chau paid a fisherman to take him to the island. The fisherman reported seeing the tribespeople dragging Chau’s body on the beach and burying it. Several people who helped him get to island were arrested, as going to the island or attempting to contact the tribespeople is illegal under Indian law.

Indian police have not been able to recover the body, as they had to pull back over fears of being attacked themselves by the tribe.