Man With Viral “Neck” Mugshot Arrested Again

<img src=“mcdowell-arrest.jpg” alt=“mcdowell arrest” title=“mcdowell arrest”>

Just a week after going viral and getting out of jail, a man with a viral mugshot is back in the slammer.

Charles Dion McDowell, 31, went viral on social media when his mugshot was posted online following an arrest in Florida.

McDowell was dragged for the unusual size of his neck, as his neck to head ratio was a bit off.

This time, he was nabbed in Alabama. He was arrested in Lee County for attempting to evade police. He faces charges 2nd degree possession of marijuana, reckless driving, driving with license revoked, and improper lane usage. He was subsequently released on $5,400 bond.

He looks much less happy in his latest mugshot above in red than in his original:

<img src=“Screen-Shot-2018-11-22-at-8.10.56-AM.png” alt=“viral neck” title=“viral neck”>

He was unceremoniously dragged once again.