Man Tries to Steal Magna Carta from Salisbury Cathedral

A man came armed with a hammer in order to steal the Magna Carta from Salisbury Cathedral in England.

His motives unknown, a man used a hammer to smash the glass encasement of the historic Magna Carta document. The document was not damaged and was moved for safekeeping.

The 45-year-old man was arrested on scene after someone pulled the fire alarm and alerted officials.

One witness described the scene to the Salisbury Journal:

“We were walking past the cathedral as the alarms started, and everyone was starting to come out.

“As we got to the stonemason’s gateway we heard some shouting and could see a few people coming out of the gates so we stopped.

“It looked like some men ‘play-fighting’ but as they got through the gates I saw a hammer drop to the floor and one of the men kicked it into the road whilst another man held on to him.

“They then held onto him with hands behind his back whilst they picked up the hammer – lots of people around started to come over.