Man Takes Drivers Test With Gun, Drugs in Car

Bet he could have nailed the parallel parking though.

A Maryland man attempted to take his driving test in a car that had a loaded gun and drugs, say police.

Reginald Wooding, Jr., 22, was arrested for engaging in a drug-trafficking crime while transporting a firearm, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and unlawfully purchasing or receiving a detachable magazine with a capacity of more than ten rounds of ammunition, among other charges.

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He showed up to the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration to take his driving test, but the woman who was giving his test smelled marijuana in the vehicle. She alerted authorities who then searched the car and found the loaded gun, ammunition, and almost one pound of marijuana. They also seized suspected drug money found in the car as well.

Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t able to complete the test, and will need a ride home – if he gets out of jail any time soon, that is.