Man Leaves Ex-Girlfriend’s Toddler Son Alone Outside in NYC for Revenge

That’s coldhearted.

A man left his ex-girlfriend’s 2-year-old son alone on a set of steps far from his home to get revenge on her.

A resident found the child alone outside with no parent insight and contacted police. No neighbors recognized the child, so police looked at surveillance footage to see how he ended up there.

They identified images of a man leaving the child there and were able to eventually track down the child’s mother. She informed them that the man was her ex-boyfriend, Antonio Staton, 22. She says they took the toddler to daycare together but had an argument, after which he went back and abducted the child from the daycare. Despite not being the father, the daycare center allowed him to take the child since they had seen Staton with the child’s mother earlier.

He threw the boy’s diaper bag in a trash bin after he abandoned the tot.

The mother called police after she discovered her son was missing from daycare.

Police are still looking for Staton and continue to investigate.