Man Gets 52 years for Beheading Wife and Putting Her Head in the Freezer

Justice is served.

David Dauzat, 24, was handed a 52-year sentence for the murder of his wife, Natasha Dauzat, 21.

The Texas man decapitated his wife in front of their children.

Dauzat pleaded guilty to the beheading and murder after rejecting a plea deal that would have given him a 50 year sentence.

David Dauzat’s brother called police twice the morning of Natasha’s death after receiving several strange phone calls from Dauzat.

His brother called back moments later to say he had killed his wife.

Police were sent to the home for a welfare check, but they did not find anything unusual.

Natasha Dauzat had at least 43 stab wounds, as well as other “sharp-force injuries, including decapitation.”

Prosecutors agreed to the plea deal to avoid his children having to endure a long trial. He will be eligible for parole after serving at least 26 years.