Man Escapes From Prison, Then Dies in Car Wreck Fleeing

It was a good try.

An inmate on work detail who was serving life in prison escaped from work detail in North Carolina. About 90 minutes after David Woods, 46, took off from Gaston Correctional Center, he died in a car crash off Interstate 85.

Woods had stolen a truck from the city of Lowell, then flipped it several times in a crash as he fled from prison. He was not being chased at the time of the crash.

“I seen that truck just going in the air and just flipping over, over, and over and going into this ravine right there,” witness Ruth Varney told WSOC. “And then after that I’d seen a bunch of smoke and dirt and everything. It was pretty devastating.”

He was convicted of murdering an 89-year-old woman in 1993 on Halloween.