Man Calls in Bomb Threat to Bar to Ruin Girlfriend’s Night Out

Overreact much?

A British man couldn’t handle his girlfriend hitting the town while he had to work, so he called in a bomb threat to the bar she went to in order to ruin her night.

Mo Ahmed, 42, called the bar saying, “There is a bomb, there’s a bomb, there’s a bomb about to explode.”

Everyone in the bar, approximately 30 people, plus those in the adjacent hotel, had to be immediately evacuated. The bar lost revenue for several hours while they sorted out what had happened.

Police traced the call back to Ahmed’s cell phone and arrested him.

He claimed he was angry because he words two jobs while his girlfriend runs a gift shop only bringing in about 20 pounds a day while they faced ongoing financial difficulties.

“He felt annoyed she was spending money while he was having to work away to pay the bills. When he learned she was going to Wetherspoons, he was angry and frustrated and wanted to ruin her night,” the probation report reads, the BBC reported.

“He did not consider the effect it would have on the pub or the emergency services,” the report continued.

He was ultimately sentenced to 6 months in prison, which was suspended for one year. He had to pay a fine of 840 pounds and complete 120 hours of community service.