Man Calls 911 to Report Himself Drunk Driving

He had a conscience.

A Winter Haven, Florida man called police on himself New Year’s Eve to report that he was driving drunk.

Polk County Sheriff’s officials said he phones in to report himself.

Michael Lester told 911 dispatchers, “I’m too drunk. I don’t know where I’m at.” He went on, saying “I don’t know, driving around, trying to get pulled over, actually” after the dispatcher asked what he was doing. “I’m driving on the wrong side of the road,” he added.

He had enough wits about him to listen to the dispatcher when she asked him to pull over and wait for police. However, he stopped in the middle of the road. Sirens could be heard in the background shortly after.

He later admitted to not just consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel, but also meth, saying he’d been awake for days.

The Sheriff’s office added some highly appropriate tags to the video:

#PCSO #DontDUI #Hello911ImHammered #SomebodyGetThisGuySomeBandAids
#HeMethedUpBad #Best911CallWeveHeardInAWhile