Man Abducts Women, Kills Them, and Feeds Their Minced Meat to His Dogs

Pure evil.

A man in Russia named Alexandr Maslennikov, 31, allegedly kidnapped two women from a local nightspot, then murdered them and fed their minced meat to his dogs. Police also found some of their body parts not far from the man’s home. He had recently been released from prison after serving 11 years for rape, sexual assault and robbery.

Daria Labutina

The two women, Daria Labutina and Olga Shaposhnikova, both went missing from the same club, the Voice karaoke club, in Volzhsky, Russia. The two women were reportedly last seen leaving the club with the suspect and were never heard from again. They were allegedly raped and murdered at his home.

Olga Shaposhnikova

Police sources said, “The criminal dismembered their bodies and ground them up with a mincer,” and they were then “fed to dogs.” The suspect had fled the town, but he was located in another town where he had been dating a new woman who police believe may have been his next victim.

The suspect’s father said, “I don’t believe that he killed them.” He went on to say, “Why would he need to kill two pretty girls? I don’t know where the girls are.”