Kevin Spacey Accusers Keep Dying: Another Accuser Passes Unexpectedly

Of all the disturbing conspiracy theories lately, one that continued to pop up is Kevin Spacey and his seemingly incredible luck to have several of his accusers die of late.

Kevin Spacey, famed actor but one whose reputation has fallen significantly after multiple accusations of sexual abuse, is currently facing accusations from multiple individuals who claim he sexually assaulted them.

A fourth accuser has now died in what was labeled a suicide, just a day after Spacey released another weirdly ominous video that has only further solidified his villain status in the minds of many. In the video, Spacey said he preferred to “kill them with kindness.”

Norwegian author Ari Behn passed away at 47 this week. The ex-husband of Norway’s Princess Martha Louise, he is alleged to have committed suicide on Christmas Day, according to his manager Geir Håkonsund. In 2017, he had accused Spacey of groping him at a Nobel Peace Prize party ten years earlier.

Linda Culkin had accused Spacey as well of sexual assault. She was found dead after being struck by a car while crossing the street in Massachusetts. The driver was not charged.

In September 2019, an anonymous man said Spacey assaulted him as he provided massage services. He passed away just before Spacey’s trial, leading to the case being dropped. No further information has been disclosed about his cause of death.

Another witness pleaded the fifth on the stand during another case against the actor. He was alleged to have groped a man at a bar in the case. Key evidence, the accuser’s mobile phone, had gone missing as well.

All told, over a dozen accusers have come forward against the actor. These include some well-known names like actors Anthony Rapp and Harry Dreyfuss. Spacey, however, says that for him, “It’s been a pretty good year.”