Jogger Labeled the “S*&% Bandit” Caught Repeatedly Pooping Near Residents Cars

You gotta go, you gotta go, right?

Residents of a neighborhood in Arkansas have caught a man they have labeled the “s*&% bandit” pooping near cars on security footage.

Tiffany Mattzela described finding a “surprise” near her car, assuming some rude individual had let their dog use the spot and not cleaned up after it.

However, after reviewing security footage, she found it was a jogger who ran up, did his business, and took off, leaving the mess. Other residents have also complained about the not-so-pleasant surprises.

“When we did, we found it was not a dog,” Mattzela explained. “It was a person who had been jogging down the street, ran up between our two cars, defecated, and ran away.”

To add insult to injury, one morning she found a poop-stained piece of tissue paper tucked under the handle of her door, confirming the bad intent of the serial pooper.

“I mean, it was vile,”Mattzela said. “The neighborhood’s calling him the S— Bandit.”

“I hope they find him,” she said. “And I hope he finds some help.”