Japan’s New Cybersecurity Minister Has Never Used a Computer

Japan’s new cybersecurity Minister Yoshitaka Sakurada says that despite not having used a computer or knowing what a USB is, he is qualified for the position.

Rather than have familiarity with the devices he is responsible for protecting, he claims that his many aides will be able to enter policy and data into computer systems for him.

He maintains that such knowledge of cybersecurity is not important for him to fulfill his duties effectively.

“I give instructions to my aide and so I don’t punch into a computer myself,” he said in response to questions from legislators.

“But I am confident our work is flawless.”

This has become a joke and is a blemish for President Abe. Mr Sakurada was appointed to the position last month. While he may not have a lot deal of hands-on work with policy, it seems pretty obvious that this is a mismatch for the cybersecurity sector.

According to the Independent, his favorite motto is, “There is no genius that surpasses effort.”