How to Get Your Music on Spotify & iTunes

How to Get Your Music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes & More
If you’re a new artist who’s looking for a way to get your music heard on the major platforms, you know how difficult it can be to find a place on big streaming services and music stores. That is because most digital stores doesn’t allow you to upload music directly. If you are an unsigned artist, you will need to sign up with a music distributor to get your music on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else. That’s where MusicDigi comes into play.

Getting Your Music on Spotify (and Everywhere Else)

MusicDigi is basically the middleman between you and big companies like Spotify, iTunes, and every other streaming service and store. Once you sign up, MusicDigi distributes your music quickly and efficiently to major service providers like Spotify and Tidal, while you can just sit back and collect all of your money you earn from your music sales.

How to Get Started

To sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, and other big services through MusicDigi, it all starts with you creating an account. After you make an account, you create a release, which includes your cover art and audio release. Once that’s done, you get to set your price for your music. Following these easy steps, you can get your music distributed across all sites and begin to collect your royalties.

MusicDigi is different from other services because you never have to give any cut of your sales revenue, Artist Keep 100% royalties. You pay one flat rate fee for the year to upload unlimited singles and albums and have your music published on all major music sites. You can even get paid when other people use your music on platforms like Youtube.

The more you increase your spread, the more popular your music can become. And it all starts with MusicDigi!