Florida Woman Nabbed After Returning to Same Bar Where She Met Then Robbed Man for $70k

In today’s edition of dumb criminals…

A Florida woman was on the run after meeting an unsuspecting man in a bar, seducing him, and then robbing him of $70k from Israel Sosa’s hotel room. He said he saw her and “I was like, ‘Wow,’ so I approached her, and I bought her a drink.”

“She insisted to come upstairs with me, and I was fine with it because I didn’t see nothing wrong,” Sosa said. “I did leave my drink unattended numerous times, and I didn’t know her,” he said. She ended up stealing a $5,000 in cash, a Rolex, and a gold chain totaling $70k. “I really thought she was a nice girl, but she proved me wrong,” Sosa said. WHOOPS.

How’d she get caught, you may ask? She went back to the very same bar not long after looking for another victim. The staff and regular patrons recognized her very unique leg tattoos and called police. Kira Yvette White, 23, was arrested and is being held on $7500 bond.

We have to wonder…how drunk WAS he that he was turned on by that wig and those eyebrows?