Drunk Driver Found Sleeping Behind Wheel of Tesla While Using Autopilot

A drunk driver was using the Tesla autopilot feature as a personal driver, say police.

Police in California made a shocking discovery when they pulled over a Tesla Model 3. Inside, they found a drunk driver…asleep.

They suspected the driver was asleep at the wheel November 30th, and their suspicions were confirmed when they pulled over the vehicle. After suspecting the car was on autopilot and with the driver not responding to lights and sirens, they were able to stop the vehicle by surrounding it and gradually slowing down. The autopilot feature responded to the close proximity by reducing its speed and eventually coming to a complete stop. It took nearly 10 minutes stretching 7 miles before the vehicle was brought to a stop.

The car was also in driver-assist mode and using Traffic Aware Cruise Control. Teslas have tons of features that assist people in driving to minimize the driver’s need to control as much while driving, aiding in crash avoidance. However, these are not meant to replace the driver or give the driver hands-off capabilities. Tesla’s are not self-driving vehicles.

Despite the concerns, this technology is developing and will likely become the norm. Even Uber, like Tesla, has been making headway into driverless vehicles for the future of its company. Still, when the cars have auto-driving capabilities, this will likely help to improve rates of drunk driving and crashes when widely used. Drivers should beware, however, that this is not yet the reality. Thus, don’t drink and drive.