Doctors Remove Hundreds of Coins and Nails From Man’s Stomach

That couldn’t have gone down easily.

After arriving at the hospital with stomach pains that doctors initially assumed was likely food poisoning, Maksud Khan of Satna, Madhya Pradesh in India was found to have 15 pounds of metal objects in his stomach.

In all, doctors removed 236 coins, 100 nails, and several other random metal objects like razors, needles, and a 6-inch rusty piece of metal.

The man’s behavior was attributed to depression. A.P.S. Geharwar, head of surgery, noted that”Usually, people start eating abnormal things under certain psychological conditions. He had been eating metal for a year but did not tell anyone.”

The nails had punctured his stomach, so had he not went to the hospital when he did, he would likely bled out and died.