Doctors Reattach Woman’s Hand After Jealous Husband Cuts it Off With an Axe

(image: east2west news)

This woman had a miracle recovery after being brutally attacked with an axe.

Margarita Grachyova, 25, had both hands chopped off with an axe by her jealous husband after he suspected her of having an affair when she asked for a divorce.

Her husband, Dmitry, dragged her to the woods and brutally chopped off both her hands with and axe, telling her he would ‘come back and finish you off.’

Grachyova managed to make it to a hospital where doctors were able to reattach one of her hands. She has already regained some movement in her hand. Doctors were not able to reattach her second hand, and she expects to eventually have a prosthetic attached.

She has two sons with her husband, though she has not told them what happened due to their young age.

“I told them that I got into car accident and on my right arm I will have a hand like a robot,” said Grachyova.

Dmitry, 26, faces 15 years in prison over the attack, according to Russian news sources.

He has expressed his regret in court, but Margarita Grachyova remains fearful after he promised to return and kill her when he is freed.