Crazed Woman Breaks Bus Window, Runs Over Man, Then Tries to Flee From Police

She’s not having the best day.

When the cameras started rolling, it’s clear the woman just finished breaking the window of the bus as she walks back to her vehicle during this insane road rage incident. Another man stands in front of the woman’s car, seemingly calling police, as she hits the gas and the man flies onto the hood of her car.

She then outrageously gets out and calmly walks to the man sprawled across her car and tries to push him off. Others watching came and tried to intervene at this point, and she then got back in the car and AGAIN drove into the man. He dramatically laid across the hood (which is where we totally lost it!). Another man tries to get the man off the car out of the way to stop him from getting more hurt.

As the police sirens near, she tries to peel out. Meanwhile, the old man is still on the hood of the car in an attempt to keep her from driving away. If he thought that was going to stop her, well…watch the video.