Cannibal Couple Arrested for Killing and Eating 30 People

No more feasts for these two.

A couple was arrested and later admitted to killing, dismembering, and eating as many as 30 people in Russia. How were they caught, you ask? The man allegedly lost his cell phone, which contained photos of the dismembered bodies and the man himself with a dismembered hand in his mouth. Needless to say, when it was found and the photos seen, police were able to track them down fairly quickly.

Cops found more photo evidence of murders in the couple’s apartment. The man tried to say that they had found the body parts and just took photos with them (which is a WTF moment in itself), but they found another body near a previous address of the couple along with additional evidence. Police found body parts preserved in jars of saline in their home. Meat found in the kitchen is being tested to determine if it is human.