Chipotle Fires then Rehires Employee Who Wouldn’t Serve Dine & Dashers

Chipotle is getting heat after firing an employee who refused to serve known dine & dashers because they claimed she wouldn’t serve them for being black.

The Chipotle employee was on camera telling some black teenagers that they’d have to pay first before being served, and the boys posted it on social media claiming racism.

The company immediately fired her from the backlash. This then set off another wave of backlash because the company didn’t wait to find all the facts before letting her go.

Turns out that the group were indeed known dine-and-dashers. In fact, they had tweeted about dining and dashing at Chipotle for years.

Many who jumped on the bandwagon trying to bash the girl were apologizing. After so any cases of outright racism on social media, people need to remember to get all the facts before trying to ruin someone’s life.

The company apologized and released a statement about the incident.

Luckily, the employee was able to get her job back after the truth was revealed.

It’s sad that in a time when racism is so rampant and real, people would try to use it to their advantage and tarnish the reputation of innocent people.