Boy Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees

New meaning to eyes on the back of his head.

A Pakistani boy is turning heads for his quirky talent. He can twist his head 180 degrees and face backwards. While creepy, it’s pretty interesting.

Sameer Khan, nicknamed “Owl Boy” and “Rubbermaid,” is only 14. He hopes to turn his talent into a movie career, as he thinks he’d fit in great in horror movies, saying, “My dream is to work like that actor in Hollywood horror movies.” We concur.

“It fascinated me. I started practising for it and within few months, I was able to it.

“My mother slapped me when she saw me doing this and told me never to do it again as I might end up hurting my neck but with time she realised that I’m God gifted.”

Sameer is also part of a dance group called the Dangerous Boys, where his flexibility gives him an edge. He’s been supporting his family dancing with his group after his father had to quit work following two heart attacks.

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