Bank Calls 911 on Black Man Trying to Cash Paycheck Because it Was Too High

Yet another sad example of what it is like living while black after a man was arrested cashing his paycheck at a local bank.

Apparently black people shouldn’t have anything or they must be committing a crime.

Paul McCowns ventured into a local bank to cash his paycheck for $1.082. He provided two forms of ID and his fingerprint without issue as per bank policy. However, the teller apparently felt he was suspicious…because, you know, black guy with a paycheck. So, the teller headed to the back and called 911 on the man who decided to leave after getting a bit of run around and not being able to cash the check.

As he left, a police car pulled up. The kicker? The cop cuffed him and put him in the back of the car while he sorted things out.

The teller claimed that while the account was valid and his IDs were valid, it was for some reason suspicious. They tried contacting the man’s employer but were unable to reach them. Thus, calling police on the man seemed like an appropriate action.

While police were there, they were able to get in touch with the man’s employer, who confirmed he was an employee and the amount was indeed correct. He was let go, but not before suffering embarrassment, frustration, and absolute injustice.

“It was highly embarrassing,” said McCown. “Highly embarrassing.”

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