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Byte App

Vine is Given New Life With Launch of Byte

Vine lovers, rejoice! For those who felt like they really missed those good old 6-second loops, you are in for a treat – Byte has launched, and it’s the reboot of Vine, the app that let you upload short video of whatever madness your heart

megyn kelly robert downey jr

Megyn Kelly and Robert Downey Jr. Battle Over Blackface

Megyn Kelly and Robert Downey Jr. have become to somewhat randomly chosen opponents over the issue of blackface, with Megyn claiming that Robert got a pass for his film role wearing blackface, yet she gets “cancelled” for even talking about it. Double standards, she says.

cancel culture

Why “Cancel Culture” Should Be Canceled

Cancel culture. Let’s talk about it for a minute. Unless you’ve been off the grid in Antarctica for an extended period, you’re likely a social media user in one way or another. We share some of our most private moments with friends, family, and even

melania trump

How Melania Trump Made Her Money

Sure, marrying Donald Trump made Melania Trump vastly richer than before, but was the First Lady rich herself before tying the knot with the Donald? Melania Trump aka Melanija Knavs aka Melania Knauss was born in communist Yugoslavia, now known as Slovenia. While many think

The Most Hyped Sneakers of the Decade

The most-wanted sneakers of the decade: GOAT

To say that the 2010s have been quite a decade for sneakers is an understatement — the debut of the Adidas Yeezy line,Virgil Abloh’s OFF-WHITE Nike collection, and of course, the re-release of the Jordan 11, not to mention more collaborations than anyone could have

dating app

The Scariest Tinder Dating Stories Revealed

Online dating on apps like Tinder can be a scary place for a lot of reasons, from being nervous about meeting a stranger in person to not knowing who you’re really talking to and if they are being honest. A New Jersey man is currently