The weirdest thing to sell out at Costco Revealed

People love a good deal, and Costco is usually a good place to get one. But this? How did so many people decide this was a good buy?

People love macaroni and cheese, so much so that a 26 lbs. bucket from Costco that was made to last two decades has been snatched up by savvy consumers.

How long would it take you to eat 26 lbs. of macaroni and cheese? 1 year? 10? 20? No problem! Costco created the massive bucket of gooey goodness for those who can’t resist it. But if you didn’t get yours, you’re out of luck for for now. The store has sold out of the food with a 20-year shelf (but who needs 20 years to eat their way out of a bucket of mac & cheese?! Not me!). I’m just sad I didn’t get one.

The food came sealed using “Metalite pouches” with oxygen absorbers to “to protect the quality and ensure a long shelf life.” Sounds delish!

The company began selling large amounts of wholesale food marketed as disaster supplies. However, we doubt many who purchased the bucket of mac are waiting to dig in until disaster hits.